Our Story

At the very young age of 14 and 16 both Sharon and David started busing and then waiting tables for pocket money while at school. Sharon finished her schooling and followed her dream and the love of dance and obtained her SADTA and IDTA International Dance Teacher Associate. David stayed a waiter becoming a griller! After serving his national Service in South Africa David joined the team at Spur Steakhouses and became the youngest manager in the group.

In 1978 the two were married and in 1980 they acquired their first Steakhouse together. Naughty's Moonlight Grill on the main road of Sea Point. This venue became iconic and was packed every night. Even today if you ask Sharon what was the best experience of those days other than the large fresh crayfish, she would tell you ringing the bell at 7am and hanging the "Closed" sign on the back of the last customer in the queue. They soon out grew the business and sold to move to Johannesburg where David took up the position of National Buyer for Mikes Kitchen - the largest food chain in the country at the time.

Fire and Ice Chef

Wanting to get out of the late-night business the two sought new careers and were very successful in other businesses. Immigrating into Australia in 1995 the Diamonds went straight back to the industry where they were trained and experienced.

They bought an insolvent first floor restaurant in Manly named Ribs and Rumps, well their hard work long 18 hour days and with the help of their two children it paid off and the rest is history, Ribs and Rumps Manly became one of the busiest restaurants in Sydney, and a true "rags to riches story". Gordon soon followed, but the Diamonds realized that they could not be in two places at once so sold Gordon on Franchise.

In the true saying in 2007 they received an offer they could not refuse, and Ribs and Rumps was sold to the Meat and Wine Co. who in turn sold the group to the Coffee Club.

After traveling the world for two years Sharon put David back to work, they successfully developed the popular glass flame eaters which are supplied by their Company Climate Australia nationwide as well as continually consulting to the hospitality industry. Now after 11 years David states he has a desire to go one more shot, he states why am I giving away my wonderful ideas, relationships and concepts, we must do it for ourselves.

I have had the idea and concept of Fire and Ice for many years but felt that the market was not ready for such a bold move, wow! The very thought of raw meat in your face was not on. Times change, and we believe good restaurant dining is more like theatre today, good food only is not enough to create the venue we have.

David specializes in the kitchen and Sharon in the front of house. They have built unbelievable supplier relationships which now go back over 20 years and still purchase from some suppliers they acquired goods from in November 1995. They strive to bring the best quality available to the diner's plate, with the assistance of a great back of house team of chefs, and floor management. "We truly believe we can satisfy all our diners when it comes to affordability, quality and value and try adopt a yes we can approach." ~ David & Sharon.

Now order a HUGE steak, a fine scotch with a chipped off piece of ice and a fantastic wine and enjoy.